A True Story About Furniture Removal

Jeff Naeem
July 3, 2019

Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This Picture?

ANSWER: It’s missing the men in blue! The Junk-A-Haulics! No blue truck in the picture, no handsome guys neatly dressed with professional attitudes handling the situation so no one gets hurt and no laws get violated.

True Story… But What Happens Next?

Throwing Furniture Out a Window

Throwing furniture out a window from three stories up is not a good way to handle furniture removal…

It’s a situation that looks like it could go horribly wrong in seconds. A dangling couch, a balcony, an entranceway below, and likely only one thing going through the mind of the person invisible to the shot but doing their darndest to get the stanky old couch out of sight and out of mind, “Just one more heave.”

Furniture Removal is Hard Work

It’s a move of desperation but not hard to understand. Furniture removal is hard work. It’s taxing on your mind thinking about how to get it gone, where does it go, who can take your junk away and how fast? And most people, once they decide, want instantaneous results.

Add in the other factors this poor soul is facing – three floors up, stairs with angles and hard to maneuver – a big heavy piece of furniture that’s got to go – without destroying the walls and banisters. Probably too big for the elevator. Probably no friends interested in helping.

Messy Apartment and the Single Ladies

This is a true story. Meet Frank. Single, but looking. Meets someone that he wants to invite over, but his apartment is a mess. He gives it a makeover with a new rug, some paint, he buys a plant and new lights for ambiance.

He has a vision for his new digs and the new person in his life, but one issue looms. It’s time to face the truth. His furniture is a little old – yeah, not really – it’s A LOT old. And it’s taken on the smell of an old dog. It’s gotta go if he’s got a chance at entertaining some new friends — and one in particular.

Not all of Frank’s decisions are good ones in this story. Yep, he was going to toss his couch out the window and pray the garbage men would take it away but he was interrupted by the landlord, who got a frantic call from a concerned tenant.

Junk-A-Haulics Know People

Fortunately, the story ends well for Frank. The landlord was a good guy and friends with the Junk-A-Haulics. The men in blue came by the next day and removed Frank’s couch, some old furniture, and a broken TV. And oh yeah, Frank won the heart of the girl. Who knew furniture removal could be this exciting and meaningful.

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