Hoarder Cleanouts in NJ

Helping you free up space at home

Two to five percent of Americans have hoarding tendencies, yet the complications and complexities of hoarding are rarely talked about. Unfortunately, this means that when the time comes to clear out a space, it can be challenging to ask for help.

At Junk-A-Haulics, we understand that hoarding is a sensitive issue. Our team will listen to your needs with compassion and support your and your family’s decision to rehome or remove items.

Our hoarder cleanouts NJ teams have extensive experience in working with people who have decided that they or a family member would like to clear some space in their home. We offer a variety of services to meet individual needs. We are happy to sit down with our clients and come up with a tailor-made plan.

If you need professional cleanout services, contact us. The teams at Junk-A-Haulics can help you sort and let go of items you no longer need in the most supportive way possible.

Hoarder Cleanout Services

At Junk-A-Haulics, we understand that hoarding involves deep emotional attachments to the items that have been kept, and we appreciate that letting go of some of them can be extremely difficult.

Hoarding cleanups sound like something family members should be able to tackle together. However, because the cleanup can be a highly emotional process, it is sometimes easier to have outside professionals step in and help.

Our hoarder cleanouts NJ teams do not bring judgments into the job. Instead, we do our best to reduce stress during this time.

We offer a variety of options for our cleanup services. You can choose what feels like the best fit for your situation.

We can:

  • Remove all items, no questions asked
  • Sort items into piles and help distribute articles to donation centers, recycling centers, and even family members in the case of special keepsakes
  • Assist in finding valuables and sentimental items that may be lost among the boxes
  • Work at your pace, tackling one room at a time—or whatever feels right

At Junk-A-Haulics, our hoarder cleanouts NJ professionals can help you and your family get a handle on your hoarding situation by working within your comfort zone to clear out junk and clutter.

We can come to your home and provide free estimates, at no obligation to you. If you accept our offer, we can begin our clean-up service that same day.

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding describes when someone hangs on to too many items, and these things become difficult to get rid of without extreme emotional distress and turmoil. It can be a sensitive issue involving mental health and emotional distress.

Hoarding tendencies are actually fairly common, but because they’re portrayed in a one-dimensional manner in American media and entertainment, people tend not to talk about them.

The result, unfortunately, is unnecessary shame when it comes to addressing some hoarding situations.

At Junk-A-Haulics, our teams of hoarder cleanouts NJ professionals are sensitive to the complexity of these situations. We pride ourselves on offering compassionate cleanup services—and we will respect and maintain your privacy.

How We Can Help

The professionals at Junk-A-Haulics prioritize the feelings of the customer. We offer full-service cleanouts and can get a large team out there to remove everything in one day, if that’s what you’d prefer.

If you want the cleanout over and done quickly, we have you covered. If you’d prefer to have your cleanout divided up into a few sessions to ease the process, we can do that, too.

We will work with you to pursue the option that makes the most sense for your situation.

We sit down and come up with a plan together—and that plan can change, even after the process has begun. We are on your team and will support you along the way.

If you are determined to clean out your space, we will get the job done in the most comfortable way for you. Our hoarder cleanouts NJ teams offer respectful and professional property clean-up services. 

We will also help you clear out your clutter in the most eco-friendly way possible by donating items and recycling materials as much as possible. If you have toxic materials, such as old paints or motor oil, we can take care of their proper disposal at a recycling center, fire station, car shop, etc. 

For cleanouts that involve large, bulky items such as refrigerators, old couches, or exercise equipment, it can often be safer to rely on our trained, professional services. We have a lot of experience getting unwieldy and heavy items out of tight spaces and can do so without damaging your home.

Hoarder Cleanout Costs

It’s always smart to save money where you can, and a hoarder cleanout may sound like something you and your family can tackle together. But the cleanout can be a stressful process for the owner of the items, as well as friends or family. 

Additionally, the process of conducting a hoarder cleanout on your own is often not as speedy or straightforward as a family might wish.

Each day the dumpster sits there, the bill gets higher, putting more stress on an already high-pressure situation. You do not want to be rushed when your feelings or the feelings of a family member are at stake. 

In hoarder cleanouts, mental well-being is always a factor that requires careful consideration.

In the end, it can often be easier and more cost-effective to hire the professional junk removal services at Junk-A-Haulics. Our NJ professional hoarder cleanout teams can accomplish the job efficiently and without a fuss. 

We work with discretion and make absolutely no judgments. You can trust that our privacy and comfort are at the top of our team’s concerns.

If you or a family member needs assistance with a hoarder cleanout, contact us today for a free, in-person estimate—and open up space for new possibilities.