How to Easily Remove Your Pool Table

The secret to easy pool table removal begins with approaching the project in an intelligent, logical, and fully conceived plan. Step 1. Locate your phone. Step 2. Call us. This is the easiest, most intelligent, logical approach, and one that maintains your plan is fully conceived and carried through to completion. Our approach is donate-first, recycle-second, dispose of in an eco-friendly manner-third.

Should you take on the task of tackling your pool table removal by yourself, we have compiled a set of instructions below displaying the easy approach or the more challenging approach.

Step 1: Detaching the Pool Table Pockets

The challenging way: Detach the pockets from the table and remove pocket liners if present. Look for screws or staples used to attach the pockets to the table and remove them.

The easy way. Call us. We have the tools and know-how to make this easy.

Step 2: Removing the Pool Table Rails

The challenging way: Crawl under your pool table on your hands and knees then reverse your gaze upwards and look for the bolts securing the rails. Use a socket wrench or other tool of your choice to remove the rail bolts underneath each rail. There are usually three or four bolts under each rail. You may need a specialized tool from your pool table supply store. Be ready to pay a lot for this tool you’ll never use again.

The easy way: Call us. Our trained team has the tools and the know-how.

Step 3: Detaching the Felt From the Slate Bed

The challenging way: The felt is most often glued to the slate or stapled to the wood backing. If glued, yank as much of the felt off as you can and use a scraper to get the rest. If stapled, get on the floor again, and looking up, remove the staples, carefully avoiding the flying pointy metal staples (you should be wearing goggles).

The easy way: Call us. We know exactly how to handle this step.

Step 4: Removing Slate Screws

The challenging way: Remove the slate screws with a drill and appropriate tip, usually found at the corners of the table. If they’re on the sides or center beam you’re in for more work. Before you crawl under your table, be sure to bring a screw-driver. You may find beeswax jammed into the screw holes that you’ll need to remove. Be careful to dodge the flying wax as you fling it out to reveal the screw heads.

The easy way: Call us. We love dodging flying wax and drilling things.

Step 5: Removing the Slate From Your Pool Table

The challenging way: This usually involves three brutally heavy slate slabs carved by Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. You’ll need to beg, cajole, bribe a few friends to come over to lift these bad boys as each can weigh up to 250 lbs. One piece slates can weigh up to 800 lbs. Once you have help, move these to wherever you want.

The easy way: Our trained team gets paid to lift, and knows exactly how to handle these in a safe manner.

Step 6: Disassemble the Pool Table Frame

The challenging way: Flip the table over and unbolt the legs. Take apart the final lightweight pieces and discard them.

The easy way: No tools required. Just call us.

As you can see from our tongue-in-cheek write-up, removing a pool table is not easy. Pool tables are heavy, unwieldy, and require several people to remove. Our team is specially trained to disassemble or move a table in one go. We always look to donate the table first. If this is not viable, we disassemble and look to recycle and lastly, we dispose in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Call us for a junk pick up.