Electronics Disposal

With the rate that we keep upgrading our old electronics to the new and latest models, electronic disposal is becoming ever more of a priority in our lives. Old equipment that gets replaced inevitably ends up not getting used at all, and then it just sits around taking up space.

If you look around your house right now you can probably spot an old TV kicking around from before you joined the HD era. Or maybe there’s an old printer collecting dust, or even just a few old cell phones that you don’t know what to do with.

If that sounds like something you can relate to — don’t worry, it’s not just you. Electronic disposal is something we all have to deal with. It’s called e-waste and it really piles up, mostly because people aren’t sure how or where to dispose of it. We’re here to offer a solution, it’s time to get rid of those old electronics!

Let Us Take Care Of Your Electronic Disposal Needs

At Junk A Haulics we offer safe and efficient electronic disposal. In fact, old electronics disposal is not just our job, it’s something we genuinely enjoy doing because of the satisfaction that comes with know its not ending up in landfills. We hope you get that same satisfaction as well.

You know what? We don’t just take care of the disposal of electronics, we’ll even come right to your door and take them away for you. We’re called Junk A Haulics because we haul it away for you, which means you won’t have to worry about anything!

Our electronic disposal service involves our professional and courteous team coming to your door to safely haul out your old electronic equipment, then we will dispose of your old electronics in a way that’s environmentally conscious.

When you work with us, not only do we take on all the lifting and moving involved in the electronic disposal process, but we make sure your old electronics end up getting recycled. Whenever possible, we may also donate your old units to someone in need.

If you require other kinds of electronic equipment disposal, such as the disposal of home appliances, we also offer that too! Take a look at what we’ll pick up for you.

From the first call you make to our office we are committed to your electronic disposal needs, and we stay committed until the job is done to your satisfaction. We encourage you to call us anytime for a free estimate or to schedule a pickup.  With our free estimates you’ll know how much the electronic removal is going to cost before we perform any of the work. We would never surprise you with any hidden costs.

Our team is professionally trained in the entire process of electronic disposal. That means no matter what kind of old electronics you have around your home or office, we’re capable of taking them off your hands and disposing of them properly. When we get to your door, just show us where your old equipment is — then we’ll pick it up, get it out, and most importantly get it recycled.

Ready for to call Junk A Haulics for your electronic disposal? Simply book an appointment or call us at (908) 248-HAUL [4285] for a free estimate. You can also can in touch by filling out our contact form.