Junk-A-Haulics Charity Partners

We try to donate AS MUCH as possible however ultimately it’s up to the donation facility what they take. We typically go to their warehouse or they’ll come to ours. We then open up our doors or our warehouse doors and tell them to go shopping and they pick what they like.

We provide tax-free donation slips that you can write up during tax time. After the job we will email you the form to fill out to list the items and estimate the “fair market value” then you’ll just hand the form to your accountant during tax time and he’ll take it from there.

What’s the difference between a Junk Removal Company doing the donation pickup 

  • We do charge a fee because unlike the free options
    • No Wait: You won’t have to wait for weeks to schedule a pickup, we can typically come within only a day or two, 
    • We Take Everything: donation companies are great but since they don’t charge they can only take the items that they know they will sell and can be very picky with what they can take so unless each and every item is in perfect shape and meets all their criteria then you to still have to find alternative arrangements for whatever they don’t take. 
    • We Go Anywhere in the House: Donation companies often times require the items to be easily accessible in either the garage or right near the front door meaning customers will still have to find a way 
    • MAYBE Add Something About:
      • Also due to our relationship we can often donate more than a random person calling them up
      • Donation companies make money from the sale whereas we charge for the service (maybe advertise this but maybe not)

The Store That Builds Homes

Using volunteer labor and donations of money and used furniture, Morris Habitat for Humanity is a local nonprofit organization building and rehabilitating houses in partnership with Randolph families in need. Habitat houses are affordable because there is no profit included in the sale price and no interest is charged on the mortgage. The family’s monthly mortgage payments go into a revolving fund which is used to build more houses.

We like Habitat For Humanity because they only build homes for people who are motivated individuals who fell on hard times and just need a boost up. They don’t just hand out the homes they make the people participate in the building process and they have to maintain gainful employment in the process. Click to Learn More

Meals – Shelter – Hope.

 Since 1889, the Market Street Mission has been reaching out to the poor and needy in Morris County. The Market Street Mission assists individuals to overcome homelessness, addiction and poverty through a life centered on Christ. They have a mission component which helps people get back on their feet which is a great cause that Junk-A-Haulics supports!

The Market Street Mission maintains a 25,000 square foot industrial center, which houses the Thrift Store and Warehouse, at the end of George Street off Martin Luther King Avenue. Among the items offered for sale at bargain prices are new and used furniture, clothing, housewares, appliances, sporting goods, office furnishings, and knick-knacks. This is where we take a lot of items and drop them off as donations. The thrift store is open to the public, donations are tax-deductible, and all proceeds benefit the Missions programs. Click to Learn More

Goodwill – Helping Disabled People Find Employment

Goodwill is an American based nonprofit founded in 1902. Their key focus are community-based programs that provide services such as skills training, career services and job placements specifically geared towards people who have disabilities and other barriers preventing them from getting employment. In 2015 alone they found over 312,000 people employment who would have otherwise struggled to do so on their own. They have an international presence with over 3,200 retail stores where they sell lightly used clothes and household goods. The profits from their stores are the primary source of revenue for their employment programs.

Salvation Army – Bringing Salvation To People In Need

The Salvation Army is one of the oldest standing charities in the world  founded in 1865 in London with a current presence in 132 counties and 1.7 million people who have membership. The original objective was to bring “salvation” to the poor, hungry and those in need. They have many community services that they provide such as Holiday Giving, Disaster Relief, Homeless Shelters, Food Pantries, Job Training, Veteran Services and After-School Programs among other things. Many people choose to give monetary gifts both for people in need during the holidays as well as year round to support their many charitable services. Another way to give is through donating gently used household items which are then sold at their Salvation Army stores. The stores give a great option for people on a budget to find the items they need and the proceeds go back into the community to help build people up.