Junk Removal East Hanover

Everyone has some junk in East Hanover and we are Junk-A-Haulics – The Professionals in a Dirty Business – ready to help you take the stress out of your life, and reclaim the precious space in your home.

The problem with junk is it takes space, needs somewhere to go, is often heavy, and sometimes has emotional attachments to it. You hate junk, but we love junk!

Our team is professionally trained in all areas of junk hauling. If your old refrigerator needs to be moved down three flights of stairs in your place on Ridgedale Avenue, or out of your basement on Beechwood Lane, or whatever, no problem! When we arrive, just give us the finger – point us, that is – to your old appliance. Our team will pick it up, move it out to one of our company branded trucks, and get it recycled. We’ve got all the manpower and trucks needed to remove all your old equipment, trash, and debris.

Our East Hanover location and team is just minutes away waiting to come over and haul away junk. We’ll take anything, even the kitchen sink! And we don’t just service East Hanover. We service Morris County, Essex County, Bergen County, Union County, and most areas in Northern NJ.

Appliance Disposal in East Hanover

We are the appliance pickup specialists. We can handle appliance disposal of all types. This includes washing machine disposal, dryer disposal, refrigerator disposal, and all other appliances. We take care of appliances disposal for many different kinds of units. Including washing machine disposal, dryer disposal, and more.

Construction Debris Removal

Construction and construction debris removal are not the same thing. You might be a professional in the construction industry but still run into problems with the debris removal process. You might be great at hauling away the trash, but that’s likely not what you set out to do when you launched a construction business, and that’s where we come in.

We’ll take care of your construction site clean up. Whether you are doing a remodeling job, a renovation, demolition, or buildout. Once your job is done, the faster you remove the debris the faster your customer is happy and ready to pay. And the sooner you’re onto your next job the better your cash flow becomes. So, don’t waste time with the junk removal. The pros at Junk-A-Haulics in East Hanover are here to help.

Electronics Disposal

Electronics disposal, or E-Waste, is becoming ever more of a priority with the rate in which we upgrade our latest computers, printers, devices, or latest model television.

If you take a look around your home, it won’t take long before you see something to do with electronics that’s needs to be hauled away. Maybe it’s an old TV, an old cell phone, or some old printer, and that’s where we come in. We’re here to offer a solution – get rid of those old electronics!

Microwave Disposal

Did you recently replace your old microwave with a new one? Microwave disposal, yes, it’s a thing and we take care of it. So while you’re munching away on your tasty meal cooked in your new microwave, we’re here to free you from random thoughts like “what am I going to do with my old microwave,” or, “how do I get rid of my old microwave.” We’re like the ghostbusters of microwaves – we’ll make it go away for you.

Old Mattress Disposal

One of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make is calling us to dispose of your old mattress. Old mattresses are a back breaker and you can leave the “S” off for sweat by calling Junk-A-Haulics here in East Hanover.

The sooner you get rid of your old mattress the sooner you can truly rest easy on your new one, and keep your friendships intact by not having to ask them for help moving the old one.

Furniture Removal

Furniture removal and furniture disposal are big jobs, but when these jobs have to be done there’s no way around them. Few people who take on the task themselves actually stop to consider every step that’s involved in old furniture pickup and removal.

The problem begins with the weight – furniture is heavy. Then there’s the unwieldy nature of furniture – it’s bulky. Then, there’s the potential damage to door jams, walls and the like. Got steps? Better call a chiropractor, err, a junk removal service in East Hanover is the call to make. No need to beg, trick, or bribe a friend and risk losing a relationship. Call Junk-A-Haulics.

Refrigerator Disposal

Refrigerator pickup and refrigerator disposal are hard jobs, but we make it easy by taking the burden off your hands.  The heavy weight is just one of the problems with removal, but also the bulkiness can cause problems too. You’ll also need to worry about disposing the refrigerator in a careful manner or else it’s capable of releasing harmful chemicals into the environment. That’s why we’re here to help with your disposal…