Decluttering Resources by Certified Professional Organizer

Jeff Naeem
January 21, 2019

Author: Jean Marie Herron

I’d like to share with you my Decluttering Resources in case you’d like to perform a little decluttering yourself in 2019!

Consignment – There are clothing and household consignment shops in many local communities. Usually, you need an appointment for drop off and there is a limit to how many items one can consign. They take a percentage and it can take time for items to sell well.

Digital Opportunities – Facebook groups, Craig’s List, eBay, decluttering apps etc. are all ways to dispose of excess home contents but can take time and energy. Be cautious about safety issues too.

Donate – You can donate to many charities from your driveway or front porch with a simple phone call. Items need to be in bags or small boxes because there is usually only one person who drives the charity truck so he must be able to carry your items to his vehicle for donation. One gets a tax donation receipt too.

Dumpster – You can order a dumpster for your driveway and pay a monthly fee for the container. Then you can haul everything you do not want to the dumpster. One must be strong to get items up and over into the container and be wary of other strangers taking advantage of this on your property.

Estate Sale – A company will come in and give you an assessment for how they would conduct a sale in your house by staging and pricing everything you’d like to sell. Every company works on commission, usually 25-35% with a few other details. This usually takes a few weeks to organize and market-based on the company one chooses.

Give Away – Sometimes leaving items at your curb with a “free” sign can work wonders as well as calling your friends and family to disseminate.

Junk Removal Company – These companies are very environmentally friendly even though they use the word junk, most items do not end up in a landfill. You can ask for a tax donation receipt too. Two men and often more men, come with a truck and take anything from anywhere in your house and carry it to the truck. Pricing is based on the volume of content that fills the truck.

Liquidating – A company comes in and gives you an assessment for everything you want to sell. If you accept their offer, they will pay you the negotiated price and haul everything away.

Online Auction – This company comes in after the homeowner/organizer sorts all the individual items and lots for sale. Then they do the photographing, cataloging, auction online and secured pick up. The auction company is only in the house twice. There are commission and fees charged.

This guest article was written by Jean Marie Herron. If you like what she wrote and want to see how she might be able to help feel free to contact her below.

Jean Marie Herron
– POSSE Partners

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