E-Waste and How to Dispose of It

Jeff Naeem
March 1, 2021

You’ve probably heard the term “e-waste,” but what exactly is this referring to, you might ask? If it’s waste, then how do you responsibly dispose of it? Let’s take a more detailed look at what exactly e-waste is and what we should be doing with it.

What is E-Waste?

Electronic waste, also known as e-scrap or e-waste, is all the garbage we have from electronic devices that we no longer use because they are outdated, broken, or no longer needed. Just think about your own household. How many electronics do you have in your home? This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, hard drives, TVs, DVD players, and more. All of the electronic equipment can add up quickly! 

We are constantly looking to update to the newest, fastest technology as well. This means we are going through our electronics at an even quicker rate than we used to. The EPA reports that over 112,000 computers are thrown out each day in the United States alone. Can you believe that amounts to 41.1 million desktops and laptops each year? Wow!

So, what is the proper electronics junk removal method? Do you simply throw it away? Is that safe for the environment? Is it safe for you regarding information potentially being stolen? Let’s find out about all of these questions and more.

Environmental Benefits of Disposing E-Waste Properly

Let’s talk about what happens to our e-waste when we throw it out. Did you know that many electronics contain dangerous chemicals? When electronics junk removal and disposal is not done correctly, these chemicals can soak down into our water, pollute the air and contaminate the soil. 

These kinds of chemicals can really do a number on our health. Anything from kidney disease to cancer is possible. How can you make different electronics junk removal decisions to lessen the impact on the environment and, in turn, our own health?

Have you ever considered taking your discarded electronics to a recycling facility? What is the most eco-friendly way to dispose of those electronic items we just don’t need anymore?

Conserve Landfill Space

One of the significant concerns with e-waste is landfill space. In 2016 alone, the amount of e-waste reached a massive 49.3 million tons! Can you imagine how much space that would take? Only 20 percent of this e-waste was recycled. E-waste has been shown to be the fastest-growing part of solid waste in the U.S. We definitely have a disposal and recycling problem on our hands!

Salvage Various Precious Metals

Our electronic devices contain various valued metals in them too. Gold, silver, copper, and more are contained in our electronics. These materials can be reused for other things if we take a moment to recycle instead of throwing away our unwanted electronics. Once these electronics end up in landfills, you can no longer recover the precious metals. Responsible electronics junk removal can help protect even our most precious metals.

Reduce Pollution                                                                             

As discussed earlier, the importance of proper waste disposal and recycled electronics are far-reaching. Toxins are leaching into our water sources, the ground (where our food is grown), and even into the air. These hazardous pollutants cannot be ignored any longer. Our health is suffering here in the U.S. as well as in other countries where much of our e-waste is being shipped. It is estimated that e-waste is a health threat to 100 million people worldwide. This is not going to stop anytime soon if we don’t do more to consume less and make sure our waste is recycled correctly.

Businesses and manufacturers really need to take up their role to create long-lasting, durable products and be reused as much as possible. The ability to recycle these items is also a large part of the manufacturer’s responsibility. The overall impact of these products can be vital to a healthy population and environment.

Save Natural Resources

By recycling, refurbishing, and reusing our electronics, we are also able to reduce the need for limited and precious natural resources. Also, we can choose to buy from companies that are environmentally responsible on how they produce, distribute and take care of their electronics junk removal. It is not only more efficient, but it is another way we can protect our natural resources. 

How to Get Rid of E-Waste

When considering electronics junk removal, make sure to contact a certified e-waste recycler. These organizations make sure to recycle any electronics you may have safely. You can also check with your local city, schools, and businesses for more ways to recycle close to home. 

Junk-A-Haulics is an excellent resource for electronics junk removal as well. We have been performing junk removal services for many years, and we take it very seriously. We are committed to responsible removal, recycling, and disposal. For more information on how we collect these items and what kinds of electronic items we can accept, check this out.

Donate Old Electronics

Reusing is the best way to recycle! If you are able, erase all of your personal information from your unwanted items and donate them. This way, those who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to have a cell phone or computer can have access to one. These devices can go to less fortunate individuals, schools, non-profit organizations, and more.

Sell Electronics That Are Unwanted

Don’t forget that selling your unwanted electronics is also a great option. The key here is to do it quickly. The longer you wait to try to sell the electronic items you no longer need, the more chance you have of them becoming obsolete or less valuable. 

Call Up an Electronics Recycling Company

When all is said and done, when you get a new electronic device, it is up to you to recycle and practice responsible electronics junk removal for your old items. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest technology, but if we try to consume less and recycle more, we can become part of the solution and not just the problem.

Many companies and organizations have programs to help you donate the electronics you no longer need as well. You can search online for businesses that help with electronics junk removal or find a local company that you can work with to send donations. 

Hire Professional Services for Help

Junk-A-Haulics are experts in electronics junk removal. We are a junk removal company that not only recycles your electronics properly but can even help with donating certain items for reuse. If you have questions or are seeking more information on electronics junk removal or our junk removal services, contact us today.

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