Estate Cleanout Prices

Jeff Naeem
August 4, 2019

How Much Does an Estate Cleanout Cost?

This question may be one of the most frequent questions we get here at The Junk-A-Haulics.

There are many factors and decisions that need to be considered when handling an estate clean out. All of which determine estate cleanout prices and costs, none of which are made easier by the potentially stressful time it can be for everyone involved.

Factors to Consider During an Estate Cleanout

Identification of Estate Assets

Benefactors, heirs, and usually close family members are the ones that have to identify the assets of the estate but it’s the key first step to determining where an item goes or how it should be disposed of, all of which carry a potential cost. Estate items should be marked and designated – sell, throw away, give to a family member, hold for benefactor pickup, give to attorney, etc. This will and often does change.

The size of the estate determines the cost of this essential first-phase of the cleanout. Costs for identifying, taking an inventory, and dispensing of assets can vary greatly. Antique furniture, as one example, requires the eye of a pro if one is interested in liquidating items for their true value, and this can add expense. Generally speaking, asset identification and moving items can cost anywhere between $2000 and $6000.

Estate Paperwork and Important Documents

Another cost of cleaning out an estate is sorting and locating important paperwork. Documents like deeds, wills, titles to vehicles, insurance policies, birth certificates, and more all have to find their way to the executor of the estate. Items like utility bills, mortgages, credit card bills, are also important for the executor, and many unneeded documents contain private information and will need to be shredded, adding another cost. Computer hard drives and computers that are no longer in use, can be safely disposed of by a shredding service. Costs for shredding can range from $50-$500.

Is it Worth Selling or Should We Donate?

Some items in the home may have little value and often cost more to sell or junk than they are worth. One possible solution to lower costs of disposal is to make donations. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Furniture, as one example, is challenging to donate. Many charities in New Jersey now charge a fee for pickup as well, even if the end intent is to sell the item at their retail location. Pickup fees are usually under $100.

Other Junk Removal Services in New Jersey

The cost of getting rid of all other trash is a challenge to estimate. Most junk removal companies charge by the truck (volume) and getting an idea of how much trash you have is the challenge. Creating a staging area in a garage is a good way to organize and get a visual, and most junk hauling companies will provide free estimates. Price ranges vary widely but expect to pay around $700 or less for a full truckload with labor included. You can use our book now tool to estimate how much it is going to cost!

Dumpsters may be a solution. Rates vary greatly, but many 30-yard containers range from $400 – $900 each, and many charge daily rental rates and additional rates per ton of material removed. Another possible limitation involves county regulations of what type of material can go into the container, which comes with fines when violated. 

Taking items to a local dump can save a lot of money, as many dumps are free to residents of the county, but can take an extremely long time and often have limits on what residents can dump.

Want to learn more about how long it takes common household items to decompose, click here.

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