Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Junk

February 18, 2022

How do I get rid of junk fast? This is an age-old question that we all seem to ask ourselves from time to time. It’s always amazing how long we allow ourselves to store the bed or dresser downstairs that we haven’t used for over 20 years. Or what about that old piano and china hutch that your grandma has handed down to you? You’ve never used it, and you probably never will. You don’t even play the piano, do you? 

So, as we said before, how do I get rid of junk fast? Let’s look at some of the very best ways we’ve found to be rid of your junk and feel good doing it!

List Items Online

Selling your old junk can be one of the most rewarding ways to get it out of your house. When it’s time to get rid of some things, try listing the items that are in the best condition online. Depending on the product, even those things in fair condition can be sold to the right person. There are sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and local classified ad apps that are free and perfect for selling all kinds of items. 

While a garage sale can seem like a good idea, the work that goes into putting one on can feel overwhelming. That’s one of the reasons online selling and buying have become so popular. In under 15 minutes, you can take pictures of an item, write a short description and post it for sale all from your cell phone. It can’t get much easier than that!

Just think of the items you could get some extra cash for – those clothes or shoes that no longer fit, your kids’ toys that they have outgrown, cookware or appliances you never use, movies, old cell phones, furniture, jewelry, or even your family pet can be easily listed for sale online. 

If you’re nervous about strangers coming to your home to buy, try posting items for sale on your social media account where only friends can see them. By doing this, you will attract people you know instead of strangers. That can be much more appealing!

Be sure to take time to get good pictures, write a description that includes measurements, and ask for a fair price to ensure a successful sale of your items. 

Donating your unwanted stuff to local charities like the salvation army or other local goodwill centers is another eco-friendly choice when you’re wondering, “how do I get rid of junk fast”? Think of it as a recycling center. Other people can use the items you no longer need or want but are still usable and in good condition. It’s sometimes easier to let things go when you know that they will be put to good use and not just thrown out.

Another donation idea is to donate your kids’ clothes or maternity items to your pregnant sister or neighbor down the street. Trade outfits with your friends and make it fun. When items come from someone that you know, you are more willing to take things you’re getting rid of. Even if your friends or family don’t need any of the items you are giving away, they may know of someone who does. Often when someone doesn’t need furniture or clothes, they have a friend or other family member that has told them to keep an eye out for them. 

Remember those starving students too! College students are often willing to take all kinds of furniture, electronics, and appliances off of your hands. If it works, they usually aren’t too picky about what it looks like. So make some signs or posters and hang them around college campuses. Spread the word and turn your junk into someone else’s treasure! 

Let’s talk about those things that have been passed down by your great-grandma. As we just mentioned, it’s easier to get rid of things when you are passing them down, especially to those you love. Well, great-grandma probably felt the same way. This doesn’t mean you have to keep those items, especially if they are big furniture pieces taking up a lot of room. Consider taking a picture of them for you to look back on and tell your kids about but then either ask other family members if they are interested in the items or donate them to be used by others. 

While letting things go that have sentimental value is tough, you’ll feel much better once you do. You may feel guilty for a second, but when you realize how much space and freedom you’ve gained, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Don’t let “stuff” take time and space from you just because it has an emotional tie to a family member. Things can feel like they’re part of you or your family, but if it’s not practical to hang onto it, let it go. You can still remember grandma and the beautiful memories you’ve had with her even though you don’t have her dining room table in your kitchen. 

Don’t forget that a junk removal service is able to help you out with donating your items as well. If you have things that need to be thrown out and some that need to be taken to a donation or recycling center, Junk-A-Haulics can do all the above. We’ll come to your house when you’re ready for us and haul away the items you need taken, all while you stay relaxed on the couch. We’ll even get that tax deduction form to you after the donations are made. 

Once you’ve donated all your surplus clothes and items, plan to keep things from cluttering up your home and life again. Get organized with the things that you still have in your home. Knowing what you have so that you don’t buy duplicates can be a big help financially and keep fewer things in your home altogether. If you buy something to replace an older object, immediately get rid of the outdated item. Don’t keep both. These kinds of things will help you save money but also lots of space in your home and mind.

Call Junk-A-Haulics!

Instead of putting on that yard sale or packing up all your unwanted stuff for the donation center or landfill, make the process easy and call you residential junk haulers to take care of it for you. With the best customer service around, you’ll keep Junk-A-Haulics on speed dial for all your projects at home or at the office. We’ll even help haul away any yard waste you might have after that big landscaping project you just finished. 

You may not know it, but many items that would otherwise be thrown out can be taken apart and used for parts or materials. A picture frame could be used just for its glass. A wood dresser could be disassembled and used as the frame of a pet cage. We are committed to saving our environment in any way possible. If it can be reused or recycled in any way, we make sure it happens. 

There will always be some garbage that is, well… just garbage. Junk-A-Haulics can sort through the items that need to be taken to the landfill and dispose of them properly, leaving you out of the various location appointments, organizing, and dirty work. It’s a beautiful thing just to be done with your junk quickly and affordably.

How do I get rid of junk fast? You call the most professional junk removal team around, Junk-A-Haulics. We’ll help you throw out, donate, sort, and more in any kind of decluttering, moving, renovating, or clean-out process. Give us a try. You’ll be raving about us to all your friends soon!

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