Home Junk Removal and Hollywood’s Big Secret

Jeff Naeem
May 29, 2019

Random Junk in Your Home

Did you know it is actually harder to read a person’s feelings when your visual surroundings are filled with random junk?

In a study about the impact of clutter and its effect on scenes in movies, James Cutting and Kacie Armstrong (2016) of Cornell University, discovered that viewers find it more difficult to interpret the emotional expressions on the faces of characters when the background of a scene is highly cluttered.

It’s Time for Home Junk Removal

What does this mean for the rest of us? If this transfers to daily life, you will have a more difficult time trying to figure out how others are feeling when you’re standing in a room full of clutter.

The ongoing work of University of Toronto’s Lynn Hasher supports this, and points to mental clutter and the decrease in efficiency in processing information. In a state of mental clutter, it also becomes difficult to recall simple things like the names of  familiar people.

Getting on top of  home junk removal and staying clutter free seems to be not only a benefit to your domestic environment, but also to your mental well-being and cognitive abilities regardless of whether you are suffering from a bit of clutter or dealing with a larger issue like an estate clean out. So break out the physical and mental trash bags and it will make a positive impact around you while giving you a boost of clarity and efficiency.

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