How Do I Dispose of a Piano in New Jersey?

August 4, 2022

The size and weight of a piano can make it a difficult thing to get rid of when you no longer want the piano in your home. Not only do you need a truck or trailer large enough for piano removal in New Jersey, but there is also the challenge of finding the manpower and strategy for lifting the heavy instrument into the vehicle. 

When you are getting rid of a piano, it can be helpful to call the professionals at junk removal companies. It’s important to understand that pianos can’t be set at the curb with your garbage cans or thrown away with other unwanted things in your home. Plus, it is a waste to throw the ivory keys in the landfill when there is a possibility of the piano being useful elsewhere.

Piano removal is available for instruments of all sizes: uprights, grand pianos, digital paints, electric keyboards, clavichords, harpsichords, small pipe organs, and everything in between. If you need assistance with getting rid of an old piano, then simply pick up the phone and call our team to learn more about available services. 

Why Get Rid of a Piano?

Even though pianos are often considered a beautiful family heirloom, there are reasons why families choose to get rid of a piano. For example, older instruments don’t sound that great because they are in disrepair, out of tune, and have broken parts. It can be an expensive project to try to restore an old piano that isn’t working very well.

Another motivation for getting rid of a piano is because of the space it’s taking up in your home. If you don’t use the piano because there are no musicians in the family, then you might find benefit in calling a New Jersey piano removal company for assistance. We can haul away the piano and open up the space that you can use for other activities in your home.

Upright Pianos Disposal

Do you have an upright piano that is collecting dust in the corner? Piano disposal is an option to consider. In fact, many trained professionals offer same-day service to make it as quick and easy to get the piano out of your living space. 

Standard, upright pianos are common in family homes because they offer a warm sound and compact design. At the same time, the materials used to create these instruments tend to break down over time. When the piano is affected by wear and tear over the years, you will notice that the sound changes and it feels different to play the piano. When this disrepair happens, you might have the desire to call a company offering piano removal in NJ so that you can free up the space and bring in a newer piano.

One of the benefits of calling our team for upright piano removal is that you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting. Too often, homeowners attempt a DIY approach to get a piano on a trailer or truck, then end up with an injury to a person or damage to the piano because it wasn’t handled correctly. 

Grand and Baby Grand Pianos Disposal

The piano removal process is even more complicated if you have a baby grand or grand piano in your home. These pianos are quite large and even heavier compared to the uprights. Because of the size of a grand piano, it is common for it to get in the way of everyday living. If you need more space in your home, then you can call our junk removal service to learn more about your options for piano removal. 

Another common reason to haul away a grand piano is that you are getting ready to move and the big piano isn’t going to fit on the moving truck. It’s sad to say goodbye when you can’t take the piano with you, but you can simplify this process by calling for piano removal in New Jersey instead of trying to figure out how to handle the transfer on your own. There is a lot going on when you are preparing to move, and piano removal shouldn’t be a stress or worry on your to-do list.

Should I Donate or Recycle a Piano Instead?

Consider the options to donate or recycle the piano instead of sending it to a junkyard. Often, these instruments still have years of use – they just need a bit of repair and maintenance to get them into working condition again. Donating a piano means that you can use a piano removal company to take the instrument to a local charity that takes these types of donations. 

It feels good to know that you are freeing up space in your home and making a difference for a local organization at the same time. Plus, this process means that you can reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill, helping to protect our beautiful planet. There are organizations that will put in the time, money, and expertise to get instruments back into working condition again so they can continue being used by people in need.

Are You in Need of Piano Removal Services? Call Junk-A-Haulics Today!

Piano removal sometimes requires a lot more work than you might think. Some pianos, such as smaller uprights, can be hauled away into a trailer and taken to a local donation center. But, some of the bigger pianos, such as grand pianos, won’t fit through the door. So, it’s necessary to dismantle the piano.

Our professional piano removal services come equipped with the right tools and solutions to make this a seamless process. We protect your home by using skid boards and dollies to haul away the heaviest items, leaving you with a clutter-free living space you can enjoy with your family. 

At Junk-A-Haulics, we offer piano removal as well as a variety of other junk removal services throughout Northern New Jersey: appliances (stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.), construction and home renovation debris, furniture, household items, and more. We offer a full-service approach to give you a hands-free way to eliminate the items that are cluttering your home. For more information about piano removal in NJ, we invite you to call our team to learn about these services. Contact us at your convenience to book a consultation or junk removal appointment.

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