How Do You Get Rid of Office Cubicles?

April 10, 2022

Not only does a lot of work go into setting up an office, but dismantling your old office can also be a hassle. So, once you have all the furniture and equipment, what do you do with everything when you move or no longer need your office space? One common question is how do you get rid of office cubicles?

An office furniture removal is a task that is often overlooked when the business owners are busy with other responsibilities and logistics. Surprisingly, many things in the office need to be removed: office chairs, cubicles, filing cabinets, desks, décor, shelving, storage closets, and more.

Here are a few options to consider if you are wondering, “how do you get rid of office cubicles?”

Offer to Employees

The first option is to offer for your employees to take the office equipment and cubicles. Sometimes, employers will offer the office equipment and furniture at deeply discounted rates to enlist others to move everything out of the office. When employees get these things for cheap or free, they will put in the heavy lifting to get things out of the office.

Depending on how much office furniture and how many cubicles the employees want to take, you may or may not need to hire a junk removal company after the employees have done their part. The unwanted cubicles can be used in other ways instead of sending everything to the junkyard.

Employees might use the cubicles in a different way at home. Or, some people could find a side business opportunity and resell some of the items for a profit.

List Items For Sale Online

The next possibility if you want to know how you get rid of office cubicles is to list the desks, chairs, cubicle walls, and other equipment online. Classified ads reach many people in the area who are looking for cheap sales and good deals. It’s amazing how much other people find value and use in random things that are sold online through these classified marketplaces.

Look in your city and state for local community marketplaces. Also, consider other popular websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

Share a description of the items you are selling and an asking price for everything. You can list specific costs and details or simply post an ad selling office equipment and cubicles, and then have an open-house style event where people can come to buy the things they want.

Don’t forget to post pictures! People want to know the condition of the items for sale, especially if they are planning to use the cubicles or office equipment instead of hauling them away for junk.

Sometimes, you can also post things for free to avoid labor and junk removal costs. For example, people are searching these marketplaces for free ads to use items for recycling and donation, scrap metal, and more. You will definitely get more interest and quicker responses when you post items for free. 

Bring to a Recycling Center

When you are exploring your options for office relocation and are asking yourself, “how do you get rid of office cubicles,” you are probably worried about the old, outdated items ending up in a landfill. However, different things like office cubicles and filing cabinets might be able to go to a recycling center. Some of these services can reuse the items by melting down the metal and using it for other manufacturing.

This option is often the best solution, especially for people who are worried about the environmental impact of moving so many bulky items to the junkyard. Not only does the office equipment add to the landfill, but it also costs money to haul things away and pay the fees at the junkyard. Some of these costs might be minimized by taking things to a recycling center instead.

Donate the Items to a Nonprofit

Do you want to make a difference and get rid of your old office furniture and cubicles at the same time? Sometimes, these things can be donated to a nonprofit. These organizations take a variety of donations, with creative ways to use the donations to generate the cash needed to keep the organization going.

Alternatively, the nonprofit might be able to use the equipment and cubicles to set up their own office spaces. When you ask “how do you get rid of office cubicles,” make a few phone calls to local nonprofits to see if they have a use for the cubicles and other items you are trying to get rid of from the office spaces.

Preparation Tips When Getting Rid of Office Cubicles

There are a few things you might do when cubicles need to be removed from your office. Not only are you researching how to get rid of office cubicles, but you might need to prepare for the junk removal or pickup service.

For example, this process can be sped up by taking apart the cubicles. It’s a simple process to unscrew the outer panels and break them down into pieces that can be moved. If you don’t have the labor or time to do this, talk to the junk removal company about full-service removal, which will include taking apart the cubicles before hauling them away. 

Contact a Junk Removal Company

Many business owners don’t have the time or resources to worry about the small details, like answering the question, “how do you get rid of office cubicles.” A lot is going on right now, and you have many responsibilities to manage when moving offices!

One of the simplest solutions is to reach out to our junk removal company for full-service solutions. We can take office furniture, cubicles, and any other equipment that needs to be cleared out of the space. Contact Junk-A-Haulics at your convenience to learn more about available junk removal services in New Jersey.

We can visit your office and provide a free estimate for the needed services. Our team offers everything from immediate pickup of a few items to complete office dismantling, office cleanout, and more. We’re always here to help!

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