How Should You Dispose of Old Furniture?

January 14, 2022

If you’re ready for a whole new look in your home or even want to refresh one room at a time, you may be wondering, “how do you dispose of old worn furniture”? In many cases, your furniture is still in excellent condition. You are just going after a new look and feel for your home. It would be such a waste for it to be thrown out, but how do you donate such large items? 

Maybe you’re in the situation of a houseful of furniture being left by a loved one that has recently passed on. It’s all been left to you, but you might not necessarily want it. You wonder if you should keep it anyway because you feel so guilty giving the items of someone you love away. What next? How do you even handle all the “stuff”? It is so much!!

What if you’re getting new office furniture at your company and need the previous items moved out and thrown away? That can be a big job for a whole company and office to have to tackle. 

When it comes down to it, there’s a bit more involved when it comes to getting rid of oversized items like a desk, couch, dresser, or bed. So if you’re wondering what your options really are, keep reading for an in-depth look at some of the best choices available to you.

Call a Junk Removal Company

If you’re ready to get rid of old furniture or other large items quickly, junk removal services may be your best option. A junk removal service takes care of all the heavy lifting for you by arriving exactly when you want and then quickly and efficiently removing all the items you need.

Furniture removal services like Junk-A-Haulics take the hard work out of a job as well as the need for renting a dumpster or hauling bulky items to donation centers like the salvation army or habitat for humanity. Junk-A-Haulics will try to donate all it can to these kinds of charities for you, leaving you without the work but the peace of mind knowing that others are able to use your unwanted items and unwanted furniture that’s still in good condition. Just because you are ready to part ways with something doesn’t mean that it can’t still be well-loved.

If you have questions about what a junk removal company can and can’t take, feel free to call us to find out more or visit our website for a complete list. How do you dispose of old worn furniture? We think your best option is to hire a junk removal service and let someone else do the dirty work!

Another option available to you is to donate the furniture you no longer need. As many of us know, secondhand stores or charities are widely available and make it reasonably easy to donate. Although you do have to haul and unload your unwanted items yourself if you’re donating things on your own, there is a certain satisfaction knowing that your household items are still being put to good use. 

Remember, donating large items yourself may need to be taken on several trips to get everything out that you want, so plan accordingly. If you have a lot of things, consider renting a trailer or asking a friend to help that has another vehicle or truck that you can load up. Or, let your local junk removal service take care of donating it all for you.

Sell It

If a junk removal company or donation center isn’t what you want and you’re still wondering, “how do you dispose of old worn furniture” there is another popular option: selling your furniture. 

If you have furniture that you think is in excellent condition and would be easy to sell, give it a try! The biggest drawback you’ll find is that selling items, especially more expensive items like furniture, can take time. If time is not on your side because you’re in the process of selling your home or ready to move, selling may not be in your best interest. 

Here are some great tips if you do want to try selling your furniture or other household items:

  • Make sure to take great pictures. If possible, don’t just take a picture of your furniture placed in your garage. This doesn’t show any kind of potential or what it looks like in a home or room. You need people to be able to picture your item in their home, so make it look as good as possible in a home setting before snapping that photo. Pay attention to lighting and get as much natural light in the photo as possible. Show the front, sides, and back of your furniture, all at different angles, so that potential buyers can really appreciate what you’re selling.
  • Include an informative description but keep it short. Buyers don’t need to know your furniture’s complete history. Instead, include information like how old the furniture is, brand, color, condition, size dimensions, and if pets were allowed to get on it. 
  • Ask for a reasonable price and be willing to negotiate. It is used furniture, after all. Depending on what kind of time constraints you have will determine what you can choose for your prices. If you have plenty of time to sell, it’s worth a try pricing your item a little higher than you would if you needed it gone A.S.A.P.

Being realistic and setting prices for your items that you genuinely feel are fair is a good start. Look at similar items for sale to make sure your price is competitive. If it doesn’t sell and you need your items gone, you can always consider the furniture removal service or donation centers discussed earlier. 

  • Let the buyer know what you expect. If you are not willing to help the buyer move the furniture to their truck, let them know upfront. There’s nothing worse than someone traveling to your home, expecting to have help hauling their items when you’re not able to. It can be embarrassing for both parties involved. Just be straightforward from the beginning, and there won’t be a problem.

We Are Here to Help

Junk-A-Haulics is ready to help you with your furniture disposal needs, helping you streamline the process with total ease and convenience. Although you do have the choice for a dumpster rental, going to recycling facilities, scrap yards, donating items yourself, or even selling them, you’ll find that junk removal companies are the easiest, quickest way to get the job done. So don’t hesitate to call us today or whenever you find yourself asking, “how do you dispose of old worn furniture”? 

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