How You Go About Renting a Dumpster in New Jersey

November 5, 2021

If you have an ongoing construction project or a basement full of broken furniture, it is time to get rid of the junk. You may consider dumpster rentals, but how to rent a dumpster? 

There are a variety of reasons to rent a dumpster. Some reasons may include: 

  • Construction debris
  • New carpet
  • Finishing basement
  • Replacing appliances in the kitchen
  • Broken couch or desk
  • Landscaping project 
  • Pool demolition
  • Garage demolition

While you are discovering how to rent a dumpster, look into the various choices that go into choosing the right dumpster and how long to keep it on your property. 

How to Rent a Dumpster FAQs

Renting a dumpster for your front yard may be the proper solution to your junk removal problem. But consider the logistics that go with a construction dumpster rental: 

Which dumpster size do you choose? 

The first step to how to rent a dumpster is choosing the right size. You may select a 20 ft dumpster rental for your smaller construction projects. However, if you have an ongoing construction project that will include dumping large pieces of furniture and appliances that aren’t suitable for resale, a larger dumpster will be needed. 

What are the available rental periods? 

You can choose the rental periods for a dumpster to be dropped off at your home. Many times, people choose to have the dumpster on their property for the duration of the construction project. For example, a DIY construction project may take weeks, with the homeowner working nights and weekends. For a professional project, you may choose to have the dumpster on your property for 5-6 days. You must select the preset days offered by customer service. When researching how to rent a dumpster, you do not pay by the house for dumpster rental but rather by day. 

When can you schedule delivery for construction dumpsters? 

Coordinate with the dumpster rental service a time for the dumpster to be dropped off. It must be within their business hours. And you do not have to be home at the time of drop-off. One of the perks of dumpster rental is no contact. If you don’t like to deal with people, then a dumpster rental is an optimal choice for that. 

Is there a weight limit to the dumpster? 

Typically, the dumpsters are rented by size. There is no mention of weight limits as people fill dumpsters with appliances and heavy materials often. The truck that distributes the dumpster can handle heavy loads. 

Will your HOA allow a dumpster in the front yard? 

You may be asked to pay a municipal fee for having a dumpster in your front yard. Also, review your HOA’s bylaws to see if there is an allowance for having a dumpster on your property. For example, they may outline time limits and areas of the yard that the dumpster can be placed. 

Will roll-off dumpsters damage your driveway? 

Dumpsters are heavy and dirty. They may leave marks on your driveway after they are delivered. When you find out how to rent a dumpster, ask the company if this has been a problem in the past and evaluate your risk. 

Do you have to do all the hauling with a residential dumpster rental? 

Yes, you will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to how to rent a dumpster. However, a big downside to renting a dumpster is not having the help to haul all of your heavy materials into the dumpster. Some dumpsters require you to lift and load the items over the edge of the dumpster. Other dumpsters have double doors that open and are more accessible to offload heavy items. 

Is there an alternative to a dumpster service? 

Yes, there is an excellent alternative to dumpster rental. The average dumpster rental costs $300, and that includes you doing all of the sweaty labor. A junk removal service is an alternative, and that consists of a team of employees that will lift the items out of your home and take them away with their own trucks. You do not have to host a stinky dumpster on your property for days and days. And you don’t have to load the items yourself. An average junk removal service also costs about $300. 

Why would you choose a junk removal service over a dumpster rental company? 

Junk removal services are ideal for projects that are completed. For example, if you have installed all new appliances and the old items are ready to be taken away, a quick visit from the junk removal team will have the items out of your hands in one afternoon. 

Here are some other benefits to junk removal: 

  • Disassemble large items: If you have a pool table or piece of furniture that will not fit through hallways, the junk removal team can take the item apart and move it out. 
  • Navigate steep stairs: Rely on the professional movers to navigate steep stairs and tight corners. 
  • Carry out awkward items: Headboards, TVs, and exercise equipment can be awkward to move through a home. Let the expert team take care of it while you sit back and supervise. 
  • Lift heavy equipment: If you have a solid wood armoire or desk to get rid of, know that the junk removal team will put their sweat and tears into moving it without a worry from you. 
  • Get it done at a scheduled time: All you have to do is schedule a time, and the team will arrive and be out of your hair within a few minutes of arrival, depending on your load. 

When it comes to waste disposal, you can learn how to rent a dumpster and keep it in your yard for an ongoing project. Or you can hire a junk removal team to haul away your large, heavy items for you. Weigh the options to decide which service is better suited for your needs. 

Contact Junk-A-Haulics for Expert Help

If you require junk removal but aren’t ready to do the hauling yourself, contact Junk-A-Haulics. You do not have to learn how to rent a dumpster when our team shows up to haul away your debris, old furniture, and appliances. We can disassemble any large pieces and navigate steep stairs and narrow hallways. Contact our professional team for your cleanout services. 

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