Jeff Naeem Speaks at Morris Chamber

Jeff Naeem
May 14, 2015

‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ We all know that’s true, and Junk-A-Haulics believes laughter is also key to smart junk hauling–along with great service, of course.

That’s why we presented a funny skit at the March 20 Business Connections Monthly Networking breakfast of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. We had the crowd in stitches as we showed what happens when people decide it’s finally time to get rid of their junk.

You know the drill. You get a call from your old college buddy who invites you over for a drink. He reminds you to bring that old van you used to drive around in together. Then when you arrive, there’s something your friend neglected to mention on the phone. Yup—he’s got this old, broken-down refrigerator that needs to be dumped. And could you possibly just lend him a hand dragging it out of the apartment, into the van, and over to the local junk heap?

Sucker! You know the drill because we’ve all been there. But there is another way. Jeff, our owner, explained just how easy we can make the junk hauling process for you. He called his crackerjack haulers Anthony, Ryan and Mike up to the front of the room, and in seconds they had the fridge placed on a hand truck and rolled quickly out to the truck. Seamlessly and painlessly.

Jeff gave an entertaining presentation about all the items Junk-A-Haulics takes, and explained how we handle your stuff—donating what we can, and taking the rest to be disposed of in environmentally friendly ways.

And to top it all off, we gave Chamber members who were at the breakfast a 10% off coupon deal for spring-cleaning. If you call before the end of the month, we bet Jeff will offer it to you as well. Don’t procrastinate—pick up your phone today!

Film Credit: Generic Brand Human

Jeff Naeem speaks at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce event, Business Connections
Jeff Naeem speaks at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce event, Business Connections

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