Junk and the Motivational Humorist

Jeff Naeem
March 13, 2015

TommySay what? What’s junk got to do with motivation and humor? That’s what we’re learning from Tommy Hilcken, a wonderful motivational speaker right in our own backyard.

Tommy is helping Jeff, owner of Junk-A-Haulics, hone his marketing pitch and perfect the speech he’ll be giving on Friday, March 20th in front of over 200 people at Business Connections, the monthly premiere networking event held by the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.

Jeff is looking to wow the audience and show them why they need our services, and Tommy is helping him develop a plan for getting there. He’s guiding him on how to make the presentation one that people will remember–and take action on. By the time he’s finished speaking, Jeff hopes each and everyone in the room will be convinced they need to call his great group of junk haulers to clean out their homes and offices so they can better run their lives and businesses.

Tommy is so inspiring. Since 1987, he’s been helping people discover themselves and change their lives. Whether it’s successes in family, business, or overall wellness, Tommy shows that life is a game in which we can all be winners.

He often shares the words of his mentor Zig Ziglar…

All you have to do is plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win!

Check out Tommy’s website—you’ll see why people call on Tommy to help them be the best they can be.

Jeff is confident Tommy’s magic is already working—come on out on March 20th and see for yourself!

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