Fall Clean Up Time

Jeff Naeem
August 29, 2019

The kids are headed back to school and you’re about to attend your last cookout of the summer. It’s time to clean up those outside and inside projects and free up space. Junk Removal was never as liberating as it’s about to be.

Before the fall bustle and soon-to-be-here holiday seasons devours your time, take a minute to ask yourself a few key questions.

  • Do I really need all the stuff I’ve accumulated?
  • Can I donate anything I’m not using anymore?
  • Can I sell some of my junk online? (Facebook Marketplace, eBay)
  • Should I fix it or toss it?

1. Tackle Your Quick Reward Project First

Feel good fast and this will inspire you to keep going. Look for your fastest win first. Maybe it’s the dining room table, the mud room, your garage or basement. Get one area done and feel good fast.

2. Create a System

Go through your house and divide your piles into: Trash for the junk removal guys, donation items, items to sell, fix it, keep it.

3. Dust and Polish

Sounds like work, but it’s worth it. A little cleaning goes a long way for feeling good about your space and removing overwhelm. This fall will fly by before you know it, and the holidays and guests will be upon us, so get your little wins out of the way now.

4. Delegate

Put those around you to work. “Many hands make little work.” Get everyone in on the vibe and you’ll see your todo list diminish with rapid speed.

5. Call the Junk-A-Haulics

Finish it all up by getting it all out of sight. We take your junk, we recycle what we can, we donate as much as possible, and we smile while we’re doing it.

Next up, Holiday clean up. But guess what? It’ll be less of a time drain because you’ve already tackled the bulk…

To learn more about saving your space and saving the planet, visit here: 7 Awesome Reasons You Should be Recycling More

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