Letting Go of Your Emotional Attachment to Stuff

Jeff Naeem
January 21, 2019

The scarcity mindset makes us acquire more of the things that we have and don’t have. It is sometimes a difficult task to really let go of things especially if there is sentimental value.

The key is to clear your clutter and organize what is left that you need, use or love. Why is it that some individuals can simply get rid of their clutter and others struggle with it? Unfortunately, many of us have emotions that, consciously or not, stop us from releasing our clutter.In my work with clients, I find that the following your emotions seem to be most common in this struggle.

  1. Start with an easy area or the area that annoys or distracts you the most.

Tackling an area that annoys or distracts you is a fantastic way to free up energy. The garage that you can longer fit the car in. Start there. The sock drawer that you have to push and shove to close because it’s so full of mismatched socks. Start there.

  1. Give yourself a challenge.

Challenge yourself on what needs to be done on your own space. Try to keep track of the things that you need to do every week to reduce clutter.

  1. Only keep what is essential or beautiful.

Imagine having a home that only contained things that were essential or beautiful or both. That idea fills me with a sense of calm and pleasure.

This step was the best way for me to make a decision on whether to keep something, as having that guiding idea took away the constant questioning.“Should I keep it? It could be handy in the future.” “You can never have too many pairs of black trousers, black socks…”

  1. Get some help.

Who says that decluttering your world has to be a chore or boring? Invite some good friends over, put some music on, and combine laughter with letting go of what no longer serves you. Or hire a Professional Organizer like Organized Transitions LLC (TM), who can help you declutter objectively in a confidential and nonjudgmental way.

  1. Give your things a second life.

Have you thought about giving some of your stuff a second life? Have a pile of t-shirts that you no longer wear why not donate them? You can also sell them by having garage sales. Garage sales are good so you can earn extra money on the clutter or things you no longer need.

If you have valuable items like art, antiques, and jewelry, we can help you find its value and sell it through estate sales.

  1. Connect with your emotions.

Letting go of possessions can be like letting go of a part of ourselves. Dig into why you’re hanging onto that item. What does the item represent to you? What memories have you attached to that item? Connecting to those emotions can help to know that those memories are always with me and don’t need to be triggered by a thing.

This guest article was written by Elaine Fernando. If you like what she wrote and want to see how she might be able to help feel free to contact her below.

Elaine Fernando

Professional Organizer

and Move Manager at Organized Transitions


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