Methods for Cleaning Out Your Home’s Junk

December 3, 2021

As time goes on and families grow, new items and acquisitions can slowly pile up inside your home. Before you even realize it, your home may benefit from a full cleanout

Where do you even begin when it comes to how to clean out a house full of junk? Instead of getting overwhelmed, take inventory of what needs to be done and set up a plan. 

It is never too late to clean out your home and enlist junk removal services. It doesn’t mean you are lazy or disgusting if you have let your home fill with clutter. It just means that you are aware and ready to take action. So let us help you get started on how to clean out a house full of junk. 

Reasons for Junk Removal Services

Just because it’s time to clean the junk out of your house doesn’t mean you are a hoarder. Sometimes items accumulate over time and require a periodic cleanout. There’s nothing wrong with that. Here are some reasons why you may be interested in how to clean out a house full of junk: 

  • Broken furniture
  • Old mattress
  • Yard cleanup
  • Broken appliances
  • Renovation
  • Merging households
  • Moving
  • Converting a bedroom to an office or gym
  • Garage cleanout
  • Clutter buildup over time
  • Estate cleanout

There can be dozens of reasons why you would need junk removal services. Read more to learn how to clean out a house full of junk.

Step-by-Step Guide to Junk Removal

When you decide to clean out your house, whether it be for a fresh start in your home or to put your house up for sale, you have to start somewhere. You must have your home clean and clutter-free before a real estate agent comes to take pictures. So take action on clearing out your house full of a lot of stuff: 

  1. Make a Plan: Walk yourself through the steps of decluttering your home by writing down a timeline with a plan. When you see how much time you can put into this project each day, you’ll see that, little by little, your home can be free of junk. 
  2. Allow a Small Box of Sentimental Items: It’s okay to keep tangible items that mean a lot to you. Allow a container for these items and once you start growing out of the space, prioritize which items are more important to keep than others. 
  3. Clear the Counters: The most prominent parts of a clutter-free home are clear countertops. Use the drawers and cupboards to store items and keep your kitchen and bathrooms clean. That way, you have an open workspace, and you can wipe them down without wiping around things. 
  4. Go Through Closets: Sort through your closets, throwing out clothing that you no longer wear and designating storage areas. If you have art supplies that are often used, put the paper and markers into separate bins. Then you can grab a container to put out on the table and place it back in the closet when finished. 
  5. Use Labels: Label the bins, so that family members don’t just ditch items onto a shelf that isn’t the rightful place. They can find the bin that says scissors, winter hats, or chocolate chips. It will keep things tidy and organized. 
  6. Create Designated Spots: During the process of how to clean out a house full of junk, you may find items that don’t have a place. Create a spot for those miscellaneous items, so it’s not a continual problem. 
  7. Make Donations: When you have sorted through what you want to keep, the rest goes to the local donation center or to the trash. Evaluate what items are in good enough condition to donate. 
  8. Clean and Vacuum: And finally, clean up the area after you are done removing all of the junk and take pride in the work you’ve achieved. 

Once you have gotten rid of the extra stuff in your life, you will feel more calm and relaxed in your home. Your home should be an escape from stress, so a junk removal rehaul will be just what you need to make your home the most comfortable it can be. 

Finishing Touches

In addition to learning how to clean out a house full of junk, you can create a blissful getaway in your own home. Add some fresh flowers, greenery, and new pillows or curtains to bring the wow factor to your new organized home. 

You can even add fun wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint to a home office or bedroom. You don’t have to makeover your whole house to make it welcoming and exciting. 

Tips for Keeping the House Clutter-Free

As you move forward after implementing how to clean out a house full of junk, look for ways to keep the clutter out. Make a nightly routine that includes placing papers and items from the day into their rightful places. Then, when you put in 5 minutes each evening, you won’t be left with another junk removal project a couple of years down the road.

Look to these other tips to keep clutter out of your home: 

  • Keep clothes that you currently wear.
  • Be thoughtful of purchases and bringing more items into your home.
  • Have a place for seasonal clothes, decorations, and dishes. 
  • Label where things go.
  • Put things away right away rather than dropping them at the entryway. 
  • Teach children and others who live in the home where things go and how to put them away in a timely manner.

When you set goals and ways to check in on yourself, you will be able to achieve an organized home that is free from an overwhelming amount of junk. Start small and slowly change your habits, giving yourself grace along the way. 

Hire Junk Removal Services

You don’t have to learn how to clean out a house full of junk all by yourself. When you call Junk-A-Haulics to help, all of the stuff will be out and hauled away in a matter of hours. Don’t worry about loading up your vehicle for multiple loads to the dump or donation center. Our team can do it all for you! 

The worst part of a decluttering project is putting all of the sorted items away to their rightful places. Imagine being able to call a team to haul away broken furniture, old appliances, and donations so that you can focus on organizing the items that will stay in your home. Contact us today to set up an appointment. 

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