Meticulous Junk Removal: 7 Awesome Reasons You Should Recycle More

Jeff Naeem
August 29, 2019

In a world of accumulating junk, here are 7 awesome and top reasons we all should be looking to recycle more. Save the planet, save your space:

1. Recycling is a Worldwide Problem

The buildup of junk is not just a problem in your home or your neighborhood dump. It’s a problem in our country and in many other countries as well. If waste continues to run unchecked, humans may run out of options for burying garbage and it may have increasingly devastating effects on our planet. Recycle, it’s the future.

2. Recycling Saves Energy

When you recycle, the recycled items replace raw materials, which in turn, take less energy to remanufacture. As an example, companies that recycle aluminum save as much as 95% in energy costs during the production of aluminum products compared to companies that source raw materials. Recycle, for energy’s sake.

3. Recycling Reduces Accumulation in Landfills

The consumable nature of society is causing the rate of waste generation to increase at an alarming rate. The result is overflowing landfills and the need for more of them. Cities near oceans are sending their trash out to sea and polluting the water. Junk Removal companies have discovered that as much as 60-80% of waste found in landfills across America can be recycled. Applying this math extends the life of local landfills and reduces the burden of needing more in the near future. Recycle and save our space, call a junk removal near me company.

4. Recycling Conserves Our Natural Resources

Did you know that recycling one ton of paper saves up to 20,000 gallons of water and for every ton of paper, it is estimated that 18 trees are saved? Recycling conserves our trees, which in turn adds more oxygen to the environment and replenishes our planet in unmeasurable ways. Recycle for a cool planet.

5. Recycling Saves You Money

It most parts of New Jersey, it is actually more expensive to dispose of rubbish than it is to recycle. Having a recycling mindset also leads to reusing or repurposing of products instead of dipping into your purse or wallet to get a new one. Recycling is good for your pocket.

6. Recycling Reduces Carbon Emissions

Did you know that recycling greatly minimizes carbon emissions? Waste that is not recycled or brought to the dump, gets combusted releasing greenhouse gases into the environment. And when you save a tree, you’re improving the quality of our atmosphere – studies have shown that a single tree can reduce over 200 pounds of carbon dioxide from our air every year. Recycle for breathing.

7. Recycling Means a Sustainable Future for Generations to Come

When we recycle, it reduces the strain on natural resources and the environment, while fostering the development of sustainable practices on the front end of manufacturing as well as the backend of the eventual junk removal. Be cool and recycle.

To learn more about the things you should not recycle, visit here: Not recyclable.

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