Need Help Getting Organized?

Jeff Naeem
February 26, 2015

OrganizedSo you want to get organized but don’t know where to start? Betcha didn’t know there was an easy way to find someone who can help you organize, declutter, and get rid of your junk. Right here in New Jersey we have a chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), which makes it a snap to find just the right person for your needs.

Whether it’s your home or office that needs organizing, NAPO makes it easy for you to find an expert who can help you gain control over your time, space, and activities by providing ideas, information, structure and systems.

NAPO professionals are experts in the latest gadgets and room organizers, as well in information and time management. They can coach and train you—or do all the work for you—it’s up to you! All members are bound by the National Association of Professional Organizers Code of Ethics.

This cool organization also runs meetings you might like to attend, since they are open to the public. For instance, next month John Nye, who is an expert appraiser that regularly appears on PBS’s series, Antiques Roadshow, will discuss appraisals, how to sell at an auction, and the ins and outs of working with an auction house.

It’s easy to find a professional organizer in your area by browsing NAPO’s directory. There are numerous ways to sort, including by city, zip code, company, type of organization needed and special populations.

And when you’re done, Junk-A-Haulics stands ready to haul away all the junk you will be dying to get rid of!

Here’s a sample before and after look at your closet:


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