Ralph T.

August 18, 2021

I recently engaged Junk-a-haulics to help me reclaim my once spacious two car garage. The owner Jeff was very congenial and easy to work with. The truck and crew arrived on time and were ready to roll up their sleeves. They worked quickly, but did not rush the process of sorting thru the keepers vs. the junk. I unfortunately didn’t have the time to presort the items that were piled up thru out the garage. The Junk-a-haulic crew was not phased or concerned that the junk was spread out and mixed in with the items that were staying put. They even moved several heavy items out of the way and then put them back in place again after they removed the junk.

So in the final analysis, Junk-a-haulics delivers exactly what they promise and make the process of junk removal as pleasant as possible. And all of this is performed at an affordable price.

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