How to Clean Out Your Storage Unit

Jeff Naeem
April 1, 2021

It’s a familiar story, the tale of the everlasting storage unit. When you first rented out and filled the storage unit, it was a short-term thing. It was just an extra space to put your belongings in between moves or while you were searching for a bigger place. But the months tick by, money withdrawing from your account, and sometimes you don’t even remember what you are paying to store anymore. 

Now is the time to break the stream of money pouring into storing junk and take action. Today is a better day than ever for a storage unit clean out. It will feel empowering to sort through your old high school memorabilia and tattered furniture that you can’t find use for in your home. Free yourself from those items and throw them out already. 

Why You Should Have a Storage Unit Clean Out

Storage facilities are meant to be used temporarily. Even though it is the storage company’s dream to have you pay to keep your belongings there indefinitely, it just doesn’t make sense. If you don’t have space in your home, it’s time to get rid of some things. 

You may have some prized possessions that you don’t want to throw out. Don’t you want to keep them safe and close to you? For those valuable, precious items, get creative and find a place for them in your home. Set up a stand-alone storage closet that can take up extra space in a bathroom, hallway, or bedroom. Make use of your attic space. Build a platform for storage in the ceiling space of your garage. 

With so many options to create storage in your home, nothing is stopping you from a storage unit clean out. Here are some tips on why now is the time to make the change.

Eliminate Clutter

This past year, we have been staying at home and finding extra time on our hands. Many people have put that spare time to good use by organizing their homes and maximizing the space they have found their whole family spending 24/7. 

While you use your storage unit to store items that are hard to throw out, a lot of those items can be categorized as clutter. When you embark on a storage unit clean out, you commit yourself to get rid of the things you haven’t even thought about in years.  It’s freeing! 

Save Money

A storage unit cleaning will not only give you a sense of control over your life, but it will also save you money. The amount of money that goes into keeping a storage unit long-term is basically an extra $50-$200 in rent or mortgage each month. 

Whittle down the items in your storage unit to a volume that can easily fit into your apartment or home. Then you can close those storage unit doors forever and keep the extra cash in your pocket each month. 

Prevent Damage to Unit

When you store your keepsakes and treasures in a storage unit, you can’t keep a close eye on the conditions. If there is a pest breakout, a flood, or a burglary, your items are at risk. And you are not there on the premise to be made aware of some of the problems. 

It is best to keep your valuable items with you in your home so that you can ensure that they are safe and damage-free. Reflect on what is worth saving. Does your first college apartment loveseat mean that much to you? Or can you snap a picture or cut out a piece of the fabric and move on? Once you genuinely take the time to evaluate the items in your storage unit, you will discover that you can find a place for your keepsakes inside your home after all. 

Steps to Take When Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit

If you feel overwhelmed, let us help you know where to start for your storage unit clean out. 

Take Inventory

Write down everything you have in the storage lockers. Include large items that you have held onto because you think a need might come up. Sometimes writing it all out will help you organize the list and realize that you haven’t needed a particular item for years or if you were to need it, you’d instead buy it new. 

The best part about taking inventory is you don’t have to sort your items inside the storage unit. You can organize the list and envision what needs to go and what is most important to keep. Use your inventory list to enter into your next step of the storage unit clean out process. 

Sort Items into Categories

You can use your list to organize the items into categories and ultimately reveal your unwanted items. Your storage unit clean out doesn’t have to be overwhelming and doesn’t have to happen all in one day. Once you have your categories, you can tackle chunks at a time, sorting them into the proper piles. 

Toss, Keep, Donate, and Sell Piles

As you clean out your storage, you will find yourself with 4 main piles: toss, keep, donate, and sell. For the toss pile, you can hire a junk removal company to haul that out of there, never to be seen again. It can be challenging to part with the items that represent a different time in your life. But you can choose one thing to represent each phase. You don’t need to keep it all. 

Sometimes the hauling away part is the most time-consuming. Loading up your own vehicle and sorting items for recycling or landfill is tedious and exhausting. Leave it to the professionals and free yourself from the stress. 

If your keep pile is growing too big, tell yourself that you’re going to give away any items that you haven’t touched in a year. For items you choose to donate, Junk-A-Haulics has the knowledge and capability to bring your items to the nearest donation or recycling center. 

Selling can be one of the most significant tasks for those items that are in good condition. It takes effort to list each item for resale and communicate with the potential buyers. The result is that you get paid. So if you’re willing to put in the work, then selling is a great option. Seek storage unit clean out services that also offer transportation to those buying your items, like Junk-A-Haulics.

Clean Out Storage Unit with a Plan  

Once you have decided that it’s time to get rid of your storage unit, you can get the ball rolling and have the task done in no time. When you plan and have a strategy for getting rid of items that you’ve been holding onto for years, the storage unit clean out can be relatively painless.

And if you choose to leave all the heavy lifting to a junk removal company, you will not regret it. Cross those items off your inventory list with satisfaction as you eventually are standing in the middle of an empty storage unit. Think of the relief as a junk removal team carries out the last box, and you get to lower the door and turn in your key. What’s stopping you? 

Save Time and Contact a Junk Removal Company

You may be in the market for junk removal experts for your storage unit clean out. Look no further than Junk-A-Haulics for trusted, responsible disposal of your treasured belongings. We have experience with donation centers, recycling, and transporting the items that you sell. 

When you choose Junk-A-Haulics, you can forget about loading up your truck load-after-load, finding the proper drop-offs all over town. Our team will do that all for you. Contact us today to set up your appointment and get started on your storage unit clean out. 

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