What Can I Do with Old Patio Furniture?

September 29, 2022

Having quality patio furniture is essential so you can enjoy your backyard to the fullest. Good furniture creates a space where you can relax with your family, host events, and provide all the comfort and amenities your guests might need when they are visiting.

Whether your patio furniture is looking worn and ragged, or you are ready to upgrade the space, you need to decide what to do with the old furniture. These pieces are big enough that you can’t fit them in the garbage can or a dumpster. There are various solutions to consider for patio furniture removal or repurposing. Here are a few ideas that might work for your unique needs.

Repurpose the Patio Furniture

Just because your patio furniture is looking rusty or faded because of sun exposure, doesn’t mean that it’s time for patio furniture removal. There might be options to refresh or repurpose the furniture. A little bit of work can go a long way to give the furniture a facelift.

Repurposing is a great solution if the furniture still has “good bones.” If it is sturdy and in strong condition overall, then all you need is a few aesthetic upgrades. Instead of taking the furniture to local recycling centers, look online for tutorials about using spray paint, a can of paint, new upholstery fabric, and other methods to upgrade the furniture.

This project can be done in a day and can save you a lot of money on the cost of disposing of the old furniture and buying new patio furniture. It’s worth the investment to repurpose your current furniture!

Donate Unwanted Patio Furniture

If you are sure that you want to get the outdoor furniture out of the way, then a donation center is another good idea. This method is best if the furniture is still in usable condition. Items that are too damaged or broken won’t be useful for donation.

The main benefit of donation is that you can choose patio furniture removal without adding to the landfill. Instead, the items will go to other people who will continue using the furniture.

Reach out to local charities and shelters to see if they are willing to accept a patio set. Some of these centers will offer pickup services, with movers and a truck that will come to your home to retrieve the donations. Or, you might need to hire a junk removal service to assist with the transportation. 

Do you want to donate the patio furniture removal, but don’t know where to go? Talk to a local junk removal service because we are dialed into the various resources in the area. We can provide recommendations about different organizations and charities that accept these types of items.

Recycle the Patio Furniture

Recycling is another option to consider for patio furniture removal, depending on the type of materials used in the construction of the furniture. You can reach out to a local recycling facility to learn more about the options for dropping off large items, such as garden furniture or metal patio furniture.

Recycling also keeps the furniture out of the landfill. Instead, the materials are reused and put into other products. It’s an eco-friendly solution to clean up your patio without contributing to the amount of garbage at the landfill.

The good news is that you don’t have to handle this type of furniture disposal on your own. You can make it as easy as possible by calling a junk removal company for assistance. We know the best solutions for recycling and can offer recommendations for your patio furniture removal.

Sell the Old Patio Furniture

Why not put a little extra cash in your pocket by selling the old patio furniture? You can make a bit of money and get free patio furniture removal at the same time since the buyers will come to pick up their purchase.

Keep in mind that used patio furniture sells for a fraction of the price that you paid for a new patio chair or table. But there is still a little money that you can make, and you solve the problem of getting the furniture off your property.

Selling patio furniture works best if the items are still in decent, re-usable condition. But, if the price is low enough, you might be surprised to see that some people are still willing to buy the furniture. The buyers might be interested in your patio furniture because they can repurpose and refinish the older items to upgrade the appearance.

If you want to sell the outdoor furniture, then clean it up before taking photos. Set a price and write a quick description that you can post online. For example, you might share these pics on your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram. Let your friends and family know that you are selling a few items, and ask them to share your post with anyone who might be interested.

Another use of social media is to put your information in Facebook Marketplace. This platform is free to use. You can choose the geographic location and place your patio furniture removal advertisement on the classified listings. Craigslist is another similar option where people are often looking to buy used furniture and household items.

One word of warning: online classifieds can be a place where scammers go. So, be careful about who you interact with. For example, a best practice is to only accept cash payments instead of bank transfers or PayPal payments that can be cancelled or reversed.

Hire a Junk Removal Company to Get Rid of the Patio Furniture

Do you need assistance with patio furniture removal? Then Junk-A-Haulics is here to help! Our team has experience with all types of junk removal, and offers fast and affordable solutions to clear the clutter in your home, garage, basement, yard, and more.

Whether you need items hauled to the dump or there are nicer pieces that are going to a donation center, call us right away for information. We will provide a proposal for the work and take care of all of the details. Contact us today!

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