Where to Donate Furniture

Jeff Naeem
October 15, 2019

If you live in New Jersey and have a thought bubble hovering over your head wondering ‘where can I donate furniture‘ the Junk-A-Haulics are here to help! We have a number of area charity partners that we work with from Morristown to Randolph to Paramus and beyond.

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Things We See A Lot

Everybody wants to donate used furniture. Nobody wants their once useful, but no longer desired furniture to get tossed into the dump. People pay a lot of money for new furniture, and often keep it in great shape throughout the years, so it’s hard to think that it’s going to just get demolished and tossed aside when it could find a new home and be useful – and appreciated – by someone else.

In the used furniture category, we see bedroom furniture, dining room sets, end tables, coffee tables, chairs and kids furniture, etc. These are the most common items. But when it comes to couches, sometimes our charity partners get picky. Cloth couches are harder to donate, but we at Junk-A-Haulics always try to find other ways to get it to a new home.

Not all charities accept the same things. As an example, Habitat Restore is big on larger items and doesn’t take clothing, whereas Market Street Mission will take clothes, books and other items.

Not all Furniture Makes a Good Donation

Here is a list of items that our charity partners rarely take regardless of condition.

Topping the list – pianos. Sure, your piano filled your home with lovely music, but when it comes to giving it away, it is too big to move – and too heavy. Sad to say, these days less people are playing the piano, and many others are opting for the portability of electric pianos.

Entertainment Centers are also tough to donate. TVs come in many sizes and nowadays are often wall mounted flat screens of large dimensions no longer suited for being contained in wooden boxes.

Old Tube TVs. The plain and simple truth is, no one wants them. New TVs have much sharper images and their prices have come way down to put up with Uncle Fred’s old tube special — even if you’re taking a trip back in time and watching All in the Family reruns.

Mattresses. One of the most common searches online – mattress donation near me – or mattress donation pickup – is a road to nowhere. Even if your mattress is new, our charity partners are afraid of bed bugs contaminating their whole facility, so they won’t take the chance.

Huge China Cabinets – These may look great, but they’re just too cumbersome, take up a ton of room, and have no place in many modern households.

Organizations We Work With

So you’re probably wondering – what organization will pick up used furniture? Our frequent partners include Habitat for Humanity, Habitat Restore, Market Street Mission, Good Will, Salvation Army.

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