Your Winter House Cleaning Checklist

Jeff Naeem
January 15, 2019

Cold winter weather is not the best motivator for home improvement. However, there are still plenty of homeowners, who would like to get the house renewed after holidays. The truth is you can do a lot to improve your home indoors and out this winter. It’s a great time to start the new year in a new, more functional living space.

Go Thorough and Estimate

Start with a simple audit of your rooms. Look around and decide what do you use once or twice a year. Probably there are things you don’t use at all, and even forgot about their existence! Start with badly needed items and finish with those you don’t want to look twice at now. Put all on a list; those will be good points for your personal house cleaning checklist to start. We prepared a Junk Checklist of things people ask us to remove most often. Grab and use it for inspiration!

Check the Storage Areas

Dig through basements, attics, and closets. We tend to use those as a solution for excess or unneeded stuff. In fact, we accumulate new items and move back older ones in storage areas, never getting back to using them. Move room-by-room to keep things organized in storage areas. Add larger items to your cleaning checklist to make sure they will be removed. Brake it into several days; it’ll be easier to spend a couple of hours several times then to stay all day in for cleaning.

Don’t Ignore the Garage

This is another storage zone for things we don’t use. Check those areas for things like bags of leaves you forgot to dispose this fall and things your children grew out of. Put larger items you can’t remove yourself on a deep cleaning house checklist; our junk removal team will be able to help with those.

One Step Ahead

Going through your seasonal items, just like spring and summer gear, will reassure you are ready for the upcoming months and will be a step toward eliminating the clutter year-round. Found things you didn’t plan to use anymore? Have them on the deep cleaning checklist as well. Junk-A-Haulics professionals will make sure they are donated or recycled.

Call a Team

Great job! You are almost done with your winter cleaning project. Now you already have a cleaner house, but there are still some items from your list you need to remove. Here’s where Junk-A-Haulics jump in. Call and meet our team to haul away all the junk, including larger things like furniture and appliances. It’ll be especially helpful in the winter when you don’t want to lift and haul it all to the dump yourself on repeat till finish. Just let us know when you are ready for a free quote and get one fast!

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