The Complete Guide to Estate Cleanout Costs in New Jersey

April 7, 2023

The need to clean out an estate doesn’t ever seem to come at a convenient time. It usually happens at some of the most stressful times in your life. Maybe a loved one has passed on, and it’s time to clean out their home. Or it’s time for your parents to move into a facility full-time, and much of their belongings need to go. Whatever the reason that brought you here, just know that the team at Junk-A-Haulics wants to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

One of the very most common questions we get about estate cleanouts is how much is it going to cost. Understandably, you would be concerned about the cost of cleaning out everything your loved ones have collected over the years. The truth is the cost will depend upon quite a few factors. Let’s dive deeper into the average costs associated with a house cleanout.

Cost Breakdown by Area of the Estate

Each estate cleanout company has its own way of calculating costs, but typically there is a cost per square foot if they work through the entire home. If you know the square footage of the home to be cleared out, you can typically call the house cleanout company you want to use and get a rough estimate over the phone. 

If you want to hire a cleaning company as well, they will most likely give you a cost per square foot or provide you with a cleaning services price list for you to refer to. Each junk removal and cleaning company is different, so get a few quotes to find out the industry norm. 

House Cleanout Cost

When you are talking about a house cleanout service, you need to specify what services you need. Are you considering a complete cleanout where you will be doing nothing or very little yourself? Is it just furniture removal help that you need? Maybe you have a lot of old wood or metal that needs to be loaded up and disposed of. An estate cleanout is quite a broad statement, but knowing exactly the things that you need help with will help narrow down your house cleaning price.

Garage Cleanout Cost

Garages can often be the catch-all for all things home repair, landscaping, pet stuff, kids’ sporting equipment, bikes, that old canoe, and heaven forbid, a car if we can fit it in with all the other stuff that’s thrown in there.

When you’re looking at hiring a cleaning service for your garage or your loved one’s garage it may be best to remove all that you want to keep and then call Junk-A-Haulics to come and give you an estimate. Garages are unique, and the things we choose to put in them are as well. The team at Junk-A-Haulics does its best to work and dispose of items in the most eco-friendly ways possible. This includes recycling, donating, or taking things to an appropriate landfill to dispose of trash that can no longer be used.

Basement Cleanout Cost

Basements are much like garages because they are an easy place to put things when you want them out of sight. Basement cleanout pricing guides will be the same as we discussed for the upstairs parts of the house. Charges by the square foot are typical unless there is something out of the ordinary. Again, if you only need a few pieces of furniture removed, that cost would change.

You may be wondering if a basement or house cleanout is something that you should just do on your own instead of hiring a professional cleaning company. The truth is you probably could do much of it on your own, but you would still need help removing big items and taking them to a place to be disposed of. Junk removal and cleaning companies take care of all of it for you so that you can concentrate on the most pressing things for your attention. Plus, you can save your back (and possible injuries) from potential heavy and dangerous lifting..

Additional Considerations When Cleaning Out an Estate

There are so many things to think about when cleaning out an estate. There’s the important documents, photos, other memorabilia, items that have sentimental value, and more. Then there are the deep cleaning costs, cleaning supplies, and hiring a junk removal company and cleaning business to help make sure the job is done quickly. 

Here are a few of the things that you may not have thought about while going through your loved one’s items during their house cleanout.

Furniture Removal

Whether you’re removing furniture to free up space, to move to another location, or because it’s worn and broken, you know you need it taken away. Look no further when you need some heavy lifting taken care of. Junk-A-Haulics has the skills and muscles to take care of your furniture removal needs.

Swing Set Removal

Unfortunately, not everyone wants swing sets in their yard, especially if they’re old. If you need a swing set removed, make sure you don’t hire just any house cleaners for your estate cleanout, as not everyone provides this service. Junk-A-Haulics will free up that backyard space quickly and painlessly. 

Shed Removal

If the shed at your loved one’s estate is less than ideal in appearance, you may need to look at removing it. Junk-A-Haulics works quickly to remove and/or demolish the shed you’re looking to take out. Our haulers are well-trained and know how to remove sheds and other large structures most efficiently. We’ll then recycle or dispose of all materials you want to be taken away. It’s that easy!

Hire a New Jersey Junk Removal Company to Help With Your Estate Cleanout

Junk-A-Haulics is THE estate house cleanout you need to get the job done. Give us a call with any questions you may have about the services we provide, and let us give you a free estimate to get you started. Hiring our team may just be the best decision you make!

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