Sustainable Junk Removal Makes an Impact

Jeff Naeem
October 2, 2019

Sustainability is a Huge Plus for Your Local Community

Junk removal is more than just a visit to the dump with your junk for The Junk-A-Haulics. We believe in going green and make every effort to exert a positive influence on the environment. A quick look around our planet, and you can see how getting behind sustainable junk removal is capable of making an impact.

It Reduces Pollution

We live in a consumable world and everything we do creates pollution. From the use of products that are not biodegradable to tossing that container into the regular trash. The only solution to the pollution epidemic is to reduce the pollution we make and the easiest place to start is in our homes and our communities.

Landfills are the easy out for most people and businesses but they release an estimated 175 million tons of CO2 into our atmosphere every year. Another byproduct of landfills is the runoff known as leachate. Leachate pollutes water which affects habitat, wildlife, and ground water.

Another current solution is to burn junk using incinerators. Unfortunately, ash from incinerators causes pollution and the ozone layer takes a pounding from the toxins like mercury and lead that get released in the process.

The key to reducing the CO2 released into the environment along with toxins and other pollution is in recycling. Although recycling creates its own pollution, it creates much less pollution than the creation of new materials from scratch.

It Improves Health

Your home is closer to a landfill than you would think. Landfill pollution is linked to asthma and lung cancer, among other diseases. It’s not a real solution, but only a bandage to a growing problem.

Companies practicing sustainable junk removal sort through junk with the purpose of recycling what can be recycled, donating what can be donated, repurposing everything possible, and taking the rest to a local waste management facility to be disposed in a responsible way.

Sustainable Junk Removal Sends a Message

As the movement towards responsible waste disposal strengthens at the end of the consumer chain, the companies and decision makers at the top of the chain take notice. More and more companies are thinking about renewable energy, creating products out of environmentally friendly materials, and looking to the future of our saving our planet. Sustainable and responsible junk removal has the ability to change the world.

Speaking of sustainable junk removal, how about donating your furniture and allowing someone else to get as much pleasure and use from it as you once did.

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