What Top Junk Removal Companies Strive to Achieve

Jeff Naeem
May 29, 2019

The Best Junk Removal Companies Near You

Got a bit too much junk to put out on the curb and ready for someone to haul it away? Look for a reputable company with these big 8 must-haves.

1. Google Reviews

Reputable junk removal companies have more than a few reviews on Google. Look out for too many fake reviews – people that only have 1 review to their credit or reviews that are obviously using fluff and too many keywords. On the flip side, look for companies with a lot of reviews, and bonus points for those companies that respond to the reviews left by their customers. You can get a quick sense of a company and their crew by what others say about the work.

2. Quick Response to Your Junk Removal Needs

By the time you’re ready to break up with your junk, a top flight junk removal company should be able to schedule a pick up window within 24-48 hours. Companies that work efficiently offer peace of mind without taking too big a piece out of your pocketbook.

3. Take Almost Everything

Top flight junk removal companies are full service and should be able to take just about everything you have. Exceptions to this are items within a specialty like car removal or hazardous waste. But good companies are able to remove, dispose, recycle, and repurpose your junk properly no matter what it is.

4. Plenty of Trucks and Manpower

Whether you have a one item pickup like an old mattress or are an apartment building manager in need of multiple clean outs, a top junk removal company should have the team, the trucks, and all the other necessary items needed to handle the job efficiently and on your schedule.

5. Reliable and Trained Crew

Unless you’re filming for junk removal fails compilation volume 13, you want the team that shows up to your door to be reliable and capable of handling your cleanup. Customer service is number one in the junk removal industry and not banging up your walls to remove your ugly old couch is key to keeping everyone happy. You’re trying to clean up, not mess up. 

6. Affordable Prices

The industry standard for reputable junk removal companies is, minimum rate for showing up and pricing by volume or weight. Most top companies list pricing estimates on their websites or provide estimates over the phone – subject to visually inspecting the location of your junk. It’s only fair that they reserve the right to adjust their price if you failed to inform them that they would have to carry Uncle Fred’s gun safe through a pit of snakes or take Aunt Sally’s couch down 3 flights of stairs.

7. Proper Disposal

Experienced junk removal companies have a system for working efficiently and within regulations. Respectable companies have networks of charities for donations, relationships for recycling, and a concern for the environment and how much they add to the landfill.

8. Proper Clean Up

You’re looking to clean up and the job of good home junk removal company is complete when the location is left clean with a final sweep.

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